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November 19, 2013

The Philippines has been struck by one of the strongest storms in history, Typhoon Haiyan.  Many towns have been devastated, and the death toll continues to rise.  Millions of disaster victims need our help. For every dollar donated to the FilCom Center, the Consuelo Foundation will match it, up to $2 million. To contribute online, please click DONATE.

You can also mail a check to the Filipino Community Center.  Please make check payable to “Filipino Community Center – Aloha For Philippines.”

Filipino Community Center Partners with the Consuelo Foundation

The Filipino Community will contribute their donations to the Consuelo Foundation, who will match it, dollar for dollar, up to $2 million.
The Consuelo Foundation is currently responding to immediate recovery needs in the affected areas of the Visayas through their partners and affiliates. Their core long term strategy is to work to rebuild communities in ways that create safe and healthy environments for children and families. We are using donations to partner with trusted Philippine-based organizations to devise comprehensive approaches that include the restoration of housing, livelihoods, psychosocial and physical health, and the promotion of child and family welfare and safety.

“The Consuelo Foundation is deeply moved and saddened by the recent tragedy that has affected the lives of millions of Filipinos. Many of them are people we have worked with for decades,” said Jon Matsuoka, president and CEO of the Consuelo Foundation. “In response to this disaster we have pledged to match all monies donated to the FilCom Center up to $2 million. If, for example, you donate
$100 to FilCom, you are really donating $200 to Philippine disaster victims.”

November 16, 2013

The Center for Philippine Studies wishes to consolidate the fundraising proceeds from the UH and EWC communities, which will then be donated to the Filipino Community Center and the Consuelo Foundation who will match the amount dollar for dollar.

Please send monetary donations to:

Center for Philippine Studies
Moore Hall 412
1890 East-West Road
Honolulu, HI 96822

Checks should be addressed to:  Filipino Community Center

The Filipino Community Center will also accept donations through their website at: